Lens & Larder collaborates with world-class photographers, stylists and writers who serve as gentle tutors during each learning retreat. 

Each workshop is individually tailored, some teach informally with a hands-on in the field approach, and some will have structured master classes and demonstrations; most will have both of these elements. You will get a chance to spend one-on-one time with your mentor and get to know them outside of the workshop as well.

Lens & Larder is an extraordinary journey of visual storytelling, filled with teaching , creativity, adventures and fantastic opportunities to spend time with interesting and like-minded people while experiencing the terroir and culture of the destination at hand.

We make an effort to seek out exceptional places to stay and learn in Ireland and abroad - castles, country guesthouses, grand estates, farmsteads, boutique hotels, and more.

Join us on our next Lens & Larder retreat.

Some of our past instructors include:   Beth Kirby, Local Milk   |   Marte Marie Forsberg   |   Susan Spungen |   Gentl & Hyers